Welcome to The Simdicate!

This site is coming soon! What is this site?

Simdicate     <--  Like a SYNDICATE, this is a place for individuals or groups to come together to promote a common interest.  In this case, the interest is Simulations. 

Our mission:
To be a gathering place for individual designers as well as groups and small companies to share/sell their products at affordable prices for the end users while keeping the largest % of each sale for themselves. 

Recently, many sim stores and forum sites have been dropping like flies; our endeavor is to fill the void left by some of these amazing sites.

We will be a sim market place.  While we will offer items for sale, we also wish to become the premier site for FREE sim add-ons.  Particularly for NEWER sims.  For example, every flight sim object offered MUST be compatible with Prepar3D v4.  ** This refers to FREE objects only...not items for sale. So any scenery or object for scenery etc will have to be P3Dv4 useable. As there are plenty of sites offering free objects, sceneries, planes, etc. for all other versions as well as other sims we desire to be THE place for those simmers using the newest sims.
While we will initially begin as a flight sim site, we will be open to grow to support other sim software such as trains, farms, etc.  The constant of the site will always be that designers and artists will be able to sell their products maximizing THEIR profit. In MOST cases this will be 90%. In some cases this may be 85%. But it will NEVER be more than that. And in some special cases this may be as much as 95%.

How can we do this you ask? Well, you will just have to read more about it when the site is open. However, if you are a designer who has a product you wish to sell, be it scenery, aircraft, utility, etc. you may contact us now to inquire about our market services.

Send inquiries to: seller@simdicate.com